Your life is a work of art waiting to be illuminated and celebrated. 

In my interviews, I explore the meaning in the resonant experiences and evocative details of our lives. This is the kind of interview that can’t be rushed, the kind of interview that wants to get to know you, the kind of interview that creates true empathy. I bring real stories

to life to help you create a more intimate connection with yourself, your customers and your business. 

I create portraits to guide others to notice and appreciate what’s already there, waiting to be re-discovered and celebrated. 

Crafting a beautiful physical representation of the poetry of your every day work.

I use my artist eye to draw out the essence of people, places and objects and call out the beauty that might otherwise be lost in a sea of information overload. What’s been brought to the forefront acquires meaning, and has now the potential to change the way we see the world. My portraits are a tangible creative expression designed to honor people's stories and remind them of who they are and why they do what they do. Portraits include research, interviews and the production of the visual representation of your story. 


"I enjoyed the interviewing process, her questions drew out feelings, emotions and visions I didn't  know I had. She gently digs deep, makes you feel comfortable and has the clarity to know what you are trying to express through your work. Tania is able to articulate your thoughts and words into a beautiful little package and deliver something unexpected, heartfelt and a piece of you."

Chris De Lizer, Yoga Instructor 

"Being interviewed by Tania was a blast! Not only is she enthusiastic about learning, she's also very insightful. Her questions made me reflect on why I do what I do. Afterwards, I found myself acting more purposeful, pointedly weaving my values into my business."

Kate VanAsten, Clothing Designer

I am a Research Consultant at Inqui, conducting memory based interviews, leading research teams and developing insights. I am also a seeker of beauty, a portrait creator, a jewelry designer who loves to dabble in all kinds of creative projects and collaborations. 

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