Your life is a work of art waiting to be illuminated and celebrated. 

Through memory based research, I explore the meaning in the resonant experiences and evocative details of our lives. This is the kind of research that can’t be rushed, the kind of research that wants to get to know you, the kind of research that creates true empathy and provides a more intimate connection with yourself, your customers and your business. 

I create portraits to guide others to notice and appreciate what’s already there, waiting to be re-discovered and celebrated. 

Poetry and beauty can be found in everyday life, no matter where you work, or what you do.

I use my artist eye to draw out the essence of people, places and objects and call out the beauty that might otherwise be lost in a sea of information overload. What’s been brought to the forefront acquires meaning, and has now the potential to change the way we see the world.

I am a Research Consultant at Inqui, conducting memory based interviews, leading research teams and developing insights. I am also a seeker of beauty, a portrait creator, a jewelry designer who loves to dabble in all kinds of creative projects and collaborations. 

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This website was born from the desire to create a business that brought both the analytical research side and the creative side of my work. You will find a little bit of formality and structure, but also room to be creative and play. 

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Stay in touch! You can sign up below to get updates on new portraits and collaborations. 

Stay in touch! You can sign up below to get updates on new portraits and collaborations.