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Your life is a work of art
waiting to be illuminated and celebrated

Bringing  real stories to life to help you connect with yourself, your customers and your business.

I create portraits to guide you and to notice and appreciate what’s already there, waiting to be re-discovered and celebrated.I craft communication strategies to bring your poetry to life. 

Crafting a beautiful representation of the poetry of your every day work.

I use my researcher instincts to draw out the essence of people, places and objects. I use my artist eye to call out the beauty that resides in each and everyone of the purpose driven individuals I've had the privilege to work with.

My portraits are a tangible creative expression designed to honor your story and remind you of who you are and why you do what you do.


"I enjoyed the interviewing process, her questions drew out feelings,
emotions and visions I didn't know I had. She gently digs deep, makes you feel comfortable, and has the clarity to know what you are trying to express through your work. Tania is able to articulate your thoughts and words into a beautiful little package and deliver something unexpected,
heartfelt and a piece of you."

Chris De Lizer, Yoga Instructor 

"Being interviewed by Tania was a blast! Not only is she enthusiastic about learning, but she's also very insightful. Her questions made me reflect on why I do what I do. Afterward, I found myself acting more purposeful, pointedly weaving my values into my business."

Kate VanAsten, Clothing Designer

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