In the portraits of others I find the loose threads of my inner self. 

Creating something beautiful with the stories people share with me is what inspires me. I honor the stories shared with me by creating a vessel that brings their poetry to life. Below you'll find a sample collection of my latest portraits. 

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"Creating is an immersive experience. When I am making a handbag, I am fully engaged in a meditative process."


"Wine represents experiences of human connection. To me wine represents life." 

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"When the right dish gets into the right vessel, it just sings. It enhances the food experience."

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"A poem is something that wants to be said and we haven't found the words to say it yet."

"Fishing is a magic sensory experience, in which you are giving yourself permission to step in the water."


"I use style as a catalyst, to help people

be the best version

of themselves."


"Working with people’s bodies as a massage therapist, truly informed how I make clothes."

"Knitting is meditative for me. When I am knitting, I am totally

in my space."


"Guiding others to do things they never thought they could do with their body, mind and soul is my

higher calling."


"I have always been drawn to color I knew I wanted to use it in a unique way."