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My portraits convey the context and emotion that only a one-on-one interaction with another human being can create.

I approach portrait interviews with both a journalistic curiosity and artistic sensibility. In my interviews, I explore the meaning in the resonant experiences and evocative details of our lives. This is the kind of interview that can’t be rushed, the kind of interview that wants to get to know you, the kind of interview that creates true empathy.

What’s a Portrait Interview?

A portrait interview is a guided experience of professional self-discovery. Though a series of insightful questions, I help you gain perspective about yourself and your business. The interview is designed to make you reflect on why you do what you do, so you can act more purposefully, and feel greater alignment with your passion, your purpose, and your plan. 

Portraits can be used as personal mantras, mission reminders, blueprints for conveying your personal or business story to internal and external audiences, and as a form of self-discovery to help you reconnect with the values that make you who you are and inspire you every day. The process provides a sense of clarity about what you are trying to express through your work and a blueprint for conveying your story. 

I focus on narratives of actual experiences.
I use my research background on memory reconstruction techniques to conduct interviews that bring real people’s stories to life, to help them connect with themselves, their customers, or their business in a deeper and more
intimate way. 

All projects start with a portrait interview
and end with a portrait deliverable and some form of communication strategy. Portraits include foundational research, interviews and the production of a written, audio or video representation of your story.

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