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Paint Tubes


The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with Rhonda Goodall, founder of Goodall Gallery.  Rhonda is an artist and designer that has been sharing her passion for art and abundant heart energy with others for over 30 years. 

I first meet Rhonda through an on-line group of creative like-minded professionals. Although I could see hints of what she was like via Zoom -and I must admit that intrigued me- it wasn’t until we connected in person that I truly understood the impact that this shamanic figure can have in people’s lives. 


From the moment I met Rhonda, I realized there is a deeper sense of authenticity about her that is much more than simply refreshing. She has worked hard to get to that point in her life where she can speak her truth, and the aura of being completely at home with herself is alluring. The Southern sweetness and joyful laughter with which she delivers her no BS approach to life is utterly disarming. 


Here is to  Rhonda, her intuitive approach and embracing the beauty of simply letting things happen.

"When I am painting it's like I am entering a different dimension, where everything else goes away. Painting is my state of bliss."

When I asked Rhonda about an early memory of painting, she shared a beautiful story of a painting that touched her heart. Although she had always liked art, when it was time to go to college she thought she could not major in art for fear of becoming a starving artist. So, she started in business, stumbled into interior design and build a successful practice around something that was creative but as she puts it "also businesslike". Her journey as a painter started later in life, and a particular piece was her turning point. 

Early PaintingThe Power of Connecting to Your True Self
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"I've always liked art, but it wasn't until I started painting that I truly connected to who I am."

During the course of our interview, Rhonda spoke about the creative process and what painting is for her. Her paintings come from her joy and she equates creative energy with sexual energy. The moments of bliss she experiences when painting are powerful expressions of her mind, body and soul, just like an orgasm. 

The Joy of PaintingCreation as a State of Bliss
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