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The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with Mike Hulett, real estate broker and founder of The Hulett Group. Mike is a humble soul with a refreshingly down to earth approach to real estate. With 20+ years of experience in the industry and an impressive breath of experience – operating in many aspects of the industry from residential to commercial sales – he is the guy you want to call when you want sound advice and real partnership.

Now, as impressive a resume as he might have, it was not his professional experience that drew me in, but his authenticity, his warmth and his noble heart. I wanted to explore his definition of home and understand the unique value he brings to his clients.

When I asked Mike about his experience as a real estate broker, he shared his approach when helping people buy and sell their homes. He understands these are vulnerable moments in people's lives, and vows to be there by your side however long it takes you to find a place where your future memories will be made. 

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"Homes are intimate spaces were memories are made. We spend most of our lives in these spaces, so they have to speak to you and provide a sense of belonging."

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Mike Hulett, Founder of The Hulett Group

Photography by Motorkast

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