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The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with Margaret Watts Romney, Founder of MasterSpeaker Labs.

Margaret is a presenter, musician, public speaking and executive coach, who has been discovering better ways for her clients to connect to their audience for 25 years. She has a passion for creating group programs and establishing professionals into influential speakers. 

I wanted to explore what motivated her fascination with group dynamics, and to understand the unique value she brings to her work. To do so, we dug into her past, to a time far before she had any idea this is what she would make her life’s work. During our time together, Margaret shared an early memory of playing in a string quartet that truly represents her passion for public performances. While sharing that story, she spoke about the powerful connection that can only take place when people work together in groups. You can hear her deep, emotional appreciation for that connection…and what’s more, you can sense in her voice, her rediscovering it as well.

TEDxWCSLC5 copy.jpg

"This piece of music was like

a vibration in

my whole being. That's a feeling you can only

get from being

in resonance with others."

EARLY MEMORY OF GROUPSThe Power of Being In Resonace With Others
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When I asked Margaret about her experience creating group programs to develop speaker-leaders, she shared a moving story of transformation during TedX Salt Lake City. The kind of transformation that takes place when we allow ourselves to embrace our own humanity while sharing our ideas with a live audience. The story highlights how passionate she is about helping others find the joy of connecting with an audience.

VIVID MEMORY OF GROUPSThe Magic of A Life Audience
00:00 / 02:43

"There's a magic that happens in the groups because there's something about a live reaction, when there's a collective gasp or sight. That's so much powerful than anything any one individual teacher can teach."

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