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The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with Hector Simoudis Co-Founder at eLearning Partners, a company specializing in creating custom micro-learning curriculums.   

Hector was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, and for a long time battled feeling like he was always the last dog at the food bowl. Over time, he learned to not only embrace his learning difficulties, but to turn them into his greatest strengths. We talked about how his own personal journey lead him to co-found a business in education, the very field he struggled with growing up. His dedication and empathy for learners, especially learners challenged with learning differences, along with his passion for education needs to be celebrated! 

During our time together, Hector shared an early memory of a particularly frustrating time working with his dad on a math problem. He spoke about the mental and emotional toll his learning differences took on him when he was a kid, and how he wrestled with something that at that time he didn’t quite understand.

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"The strengths
I found within me to understand, accept and embrace my dyslexia, have shaped who I am today.”

EARLY MEMORY OF DYSLEXIAWrestling With The Unknown Self
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When I asked Hector about a recent experience with dyslexia, he shared an unexpectedly funny story that highlights how his relationship with his learning differences has evolved. He talked about finding the strength to face his challenges, and how overtime he learn to accept and embrace his dyslexia as part of who he is, fully loving every part of it. 

RECENT MEMORY OF DYSLEXIAEmbracing and Accepting Your Differences
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Laptop and Phone

“When you first discover your own learning differences, it’s like a lump of coal. But as you work them, you turn that coal into diamonds.” 

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