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Image by Ian Schneider


The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with Hannah Drain Taylor, Co-Founder and Partner at Delta Awesome and Meet The Moment Podcast presenter. Hannah is a soulful visionary and a passionate entrepreneur. Her past experience working with startups and multiple accelerator programs combined with her ardor and commitment to corporate responsibility fuels her drive to leave this world better than she found it. 

She shared her passion for entrepreneurship and her journey to becoming a co-founder of a company dedicated to help entrepreneurs navigate the startup landscape and transforming the world one company at a time. Her compassionate heart and clarity of mind make her a force of change that's hard to resist.

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"Launching something new into the world is terrifying. Being an entrepreneur, means putting yourself out there in ways that are really scary and vulnerable."

BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEURA Frustration with the Status Quo and a Passion for Corporate Responsibility
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When I asked Hannah how would she describe what being an entrepreneur is really all about, she gave me one of the most poetic and honest definitions I have ever heard. Her holistic and  inspiring words truly resonated with me.

BEING AN ENTREPRENEURA Terrifying Vulnerability and A Sense of Empowerment and Possinility
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"Being an entrepreneur is to feel in your heart there's a better way to do things and you have the power to do them. It's a sense of empowerment and possibility that I haven't found through other forms of being in the world. " 


Portrait photography by Nick Taylor

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