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Chris was working on tweaking her business offering and launching a new website. After more than fifteen years of teaching yoga, she felt like more was needed than simply teaching classes. She wanted to help others bridge the gap between the physical and the emotional, and that’s when she started focusing less on open classes and more on private sessions. She needed a way to communicate to her audience the shift in her business as well as her new offerings. 

During the course of her interview we uncovered her own journey with yoga and clarified her true calling. The content of her interview was used to create the blueprint for her new website, website content, and strategy for reaching out to existing and new customers via her e-mail list.



After years of practicing, how would you define yoga? What does yoga mean to you? 

Although I focus on creating a strong, flexible and balanced physical body, I believe there is also a spiritual component to the yoga practice that is equally important. I see the practice of yoga as a path to finding and connecting with your higher power, and helping you find that feeling of contentment — of being in the here and now. Yoga can show you your vulnerabilities, but it can also show you your courage and help you overcome your fears. Yoga shows you the possibilities. 


You read bodies like others read books. How do you asses somebody using yoga poses? 

I am extremely empathetic, and I have the sensitivity to feel what people are going though, particularly when it comes to their bodies. When I teach yoga I study people's bodies closely. When I see somebody get into a particular pose, I can see which muscles are working and which ones are not. If you are not using your core muscles, then you're not using your third chakra, which is your source of power. In yoga you are not just moving the body, you are also moving energy. I am able to read student’s bodies to see where they are holding energy blockages, muscular misalignment and discomfort. I focus on creating a strong, flexible and balanced body through repatterining the muscles and mind. My goal as a teacher is to create balance, harmony and freedom throughout the body, both physically and mentally.


What’s your vision for your private sessions? 

I like to adapt my yoga classes to what I know a person needs. When you are teaching in a group setting and you have twenty people in a class, you have to divide your attention between all twenty of them.  During a private session, you are focusing only on one person, so every move is designed for that person. Guiding others to do things they never thought they could do with their body, mind and soul is my purpose and my higher calling. I believe we all have a divine spark within us that needs to be ignited. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance to feel safe exploring our potential. That’s why after more than fifteen years of teaching yoga, I felt like more was needed than simply teaching classes. I felt that I had to help others bridge the gap between the physical and the emotional. That’s what I want to do as a yoga teacher. I want to help others see their possibilities and find their greatness.

Chris’s Portrait Interview 

Chris’s Website 

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