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The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with Alan Moore, Founder of Beautiful Business. Alan is an author, public speaker, craftsman and innovator. He has been discovering better ways for individuals and businesses to act more beautifully for over 25 years.


He has a passion for beauty and delivers his message of change with a charming mix of scholarly wisdom and humor that is hard to resist. His vision for a multifaceted  way of looking at the application of beauty in this world, combined with his practical mindset, is the framework of the future.

After reading Do Design and his more recent book Do Build, I wanted to explore what motivates him. During our time together, Alan shared a  couple of stories that highlight his impetus for helping others see how they can operate in this world successfully within a new kind of framework. 


"The world needs a new narrative of hope and optimism. Beauty is the framework
I propose for the kind of change
we need.  

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOWBeauty As a New Framework for Businesses
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Alan Moore, Beautiful Business 

Author of Do Design and Do Build

Photography by Julian Calverley

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