Writing on Her Journal


Getting Started

In order for you to get the most out of this experience, I recommend:

• Treat this as sacred time, just for yourself, no interruptions or distractions including phone, email, Facebook and other social media. If you’re a parent of young children, consider doing this practice when they’re at school, or napping.

• Gather your best gears for the journey: your favorite notebook and pen, a soft blanket to keep you warm, or an open window to invite in cool breezes, a mug of tea, a glass of water...

Choose a comfortable space where you can truly relax.

Begin by reminding yourself why you’re here, what you want from this experience. You will get out of this experience what you

put into it.

Image by Brigitte Tohm

You’ve taken the first step, by signing up to receive this guide. Take what you need, from it.

As we are starting WEEK 1, take some time to centre yourself with: a short meditation, a grounding exercise, a body scan. The key is that you get out of your on way and start tapping in all your intelligences (body, mind and spirit).


For this purpose I will ask you to listen to the AUDIO Meditation below. If you get distracted during the exercises, please come back to his meditation. Now we can start.

MEDITATION_EQdSuccess Meditation Week 1
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Consider this question: “What brings you here, today?”
Perhaps you’re doing work that you love, that you’re good at, that serves people – and yet, you feel not stable and secure. Perhaps your business is flourishing, but you are exhausted and chronically overwhelmed. Maybe you work for someone else and can’t seem to find success or the promotion you think you deserve. Or maybe, you are looking for a job and struggle find the right employer. In any case you feel the endless demands of business, while you long for support, spaciousness, prosperity, ease, and freedom to live your life as you choose. You are not alone.

You are here because you want to succeed on your own terms. So let’s begin by exploring what success is, for you. Success is an individual and evolving state of being rather than a goal to achieve. It has both inner and outer elements. Some outer elements of success can include: flow of resources to support you; a job you like; having a summer home...On an inner level, success includes doing work that is in alignment with your vision and values, and serves your world in meaningful ways.

You may be here because the outer and inner of success might not align right now for you.

Success is an individual and evolving state of being rather than a goal to achieve. Success has both inner and outer elements.

Remember to centre yourself. Take your journal and pen and please do not edit yourself. Write fluidly without lifting the pen from your journal (try not to pause).

• What deep longing has brought you here?
• What brings you joy, in your work ? What do you love about it? • What isn’t working for you right now?

Now we are ready to dig deeper into defining SUCCESS, your own definition!

• What is your definition of success (list both the internal and external elements of success)?
• What are the elements that truly matter to you?

• What aWhich ones are missing or wanting to be fully integrated into your life and/or work?

Congratulations! You have just completed your first assignment. This is deep intense inquiry. As we moved a lot at an energetic level let’s shake your body too. Go for a walk with your favourite music, go to a dance class, just dance in your living room.

Here some inspiration: SIA - Never Give Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s43sptuwkvA .


We've created a series of photographic explorations designed as a visual record of your journey. A collection of your very own images you can use to enhance your weekly written questions and musings, awaken your visual perception and help you make connections between what you are writing, what you are seeing and what you are experiencing. 

All you need is your phone or a camera and the willingness to document your context as you encounter it. No agendas, no maps, no planning. Setting aside all preconceived notions and allowing yourself to get lost in the moment and simply explore what's around you, while developing your own framework and personal visual style. 

Ready to take some photos?  Check out your first ARTISTIC EXPLORATION - WEEK 1: Follow Your Path 

read this to yourself

Is Lack of Failure Success

The Whisper by Fateme Banishoeib

The obsession of perfectionism
Nothing is an accident
Sometimes that bump on the road happens for a reason A very simple one
The one putting me on the right track
Success is never enough
There is always that thing that could have been done better Faster and smarter

The obsession of perfectionism Translates into an infinite series of buts The bump made me a failure instead

No matter the size of flaws
They all seem fatal
It requires infinite amounts of courage To keep hearing the Whisper

In the land of crowded mind’s chatter I sat down
I am a scientist not a poet
I assess analyze inquire
None of them is forever
Me neither

Afraid to ask For what I wanted For what I needed

I fixated on the absolute essence of success and failure What if they overlap
Failing to quiet my mind

I succeeded in writing two lines

Reminding myself To forget the achiever To abandon perfection

The two
Failure and success
Make the picture of life whole
I want to have a relationship with both No beggars

The infinite cycle teaches me
I constantly preach love and inclusion I am just a preacher

The pen gives me the permission to love both
Light and shadow
Wrap them in one single hug and stand up for success and failure The Whisper dreams of connection
The Whisper dreams of affinity
The Whisper creates poetry from the ashes of suffering
I visit this place
I am a traveler

Where I met them both
Failure and Success
And wish to find the path that led me to write these words