Moving People


Working hard, consistently, diligently and with perseverance is undoubtable. Then why certain people despite their hard work, diligence and perseverance do not reach their full potential and succeed? You might be dwelling to find the recipe for SUCCESS and forgetting that FAILURE is an integral part of the process. Fear, pride, shame, emotional and spiritual ties are all part of the mix and what you do is the product of this mix too and not only the product of your hard labor as you might think.

Success depends as much as upon focusing on the WHO as much as the WHY and WHAT of the work you do. Invest in the WHO and it will give you the returns that you are looking for.

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Each week is packed with insights, inspirations, writing prompts and visual explorations to guide you through failure and success. Take your time to do the exercises. At the end of the 4 weeks you will be equipped to BUILD your own PRACTICE of SUCCESS.


Success depends as much on the WHO as on the WHY and WHAT of the work you do.

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