We all have beautiful stories to tell, we just need someone willing to listen.


I approach portrait interviews with both a journalistic curiosity and an artistic sensibility. My portraits aim to convey the context

and emotion that only a one-on-one interaction with another human being, however brief, can create. I focus on narratives of actual experiences. I use my research background on memory reconstruction techniques to conduct interviews that bring real people's stories to life, to help others connect with themselves, their customers or their business in a deeper and more intimate way.

A beautifully crafted physical representation of the poetry of your every day work.

My portraits are a tangible creative expression designed to honor people's stories and remind them of who they are and why they do what they do. Portraits include an interview and the consulting that goes into creating a visual representation of your story, that goes beyond the actual content from the interview. I offer individual portraits, team portraits, and customer portraits for a whole business trying to get a deeper understanding of the people they serve.

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Portraits can be used as personal mantras, mission reminders, team building, or for internal and external communication.

Individuals use it as reminders of who they are and why they do what they do. A personal mantra that can be kept private or shared with others. People often use elements of their portrait to create content for their website, social media and any other form of internal or external communication. 


A team portrait elevates the collective work that’s being created, reminds the group about their mission, and helps tell their story to the rest of the organization. Captures the beauty and meaning of the everyday work and the value the team brings to the overall organization. A team profile includes individual interviews, but mainly focuses on the common patterns of beauty that emerge within a team.

Organizations use portraits to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, bring real people's stories to life, and help internal teams connect and empathize with the people they serve.