At the creative intersection of disciplines is where you'll  find me.

Over time, I've had the opportunity to work with a broad range of very talented people. Take a look this little curated collection of meaningful experiences I had the privilege to be a part of. Some where a one time only collaboration or ideation session with a particularly defined outcome or product in mind, others where open ended and exploratory, and some turned into in-person or remote workshops that I am currently offering. 

Creativity is not confined to any particular discipline, it is possible in every discipline. Learning to be creative in one area of your life quickly translates into being creative in all other areas of your life.

If what you see inspires you, feel free to contact me.


A series of photographic explorations designed as a visual record of lens shifting experiences intended to hit you intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically. A collection of image creation designed to awaken our visual perception of the beauty of the everyday.

If you or your team would like to join me in a series of creative exercises designed to get lost in the beauty that resides in the people, places and experiences you have every single day, send me a note.


Beta tested Rhonda Goodall's creative play shop concept. Helped workshop her unique concept of using a broad range of artistic expressions to unlock creativity and personal potential. An invitation to carve out space for creating and embracing your inner child. Her intuitive approach incorporates movement and breathing in her artistic practice and allows you to embrace the beauty of simply letting things happen. Like an improv actress, she draws from a repertoire of different artistic expressions -such as collage, clay, oil painting and photography- to teach freedom and spontaneity. 


Worked with Chris de Lizer to test her Gayatri Yoga Sessions for Body and Mind. Helped workshop her unique concept of using body alignment to achieve emotional and mental alignment. After interviewing her and testing the concept, I knew the story well and it was only natural to help her create the framework and the written content for her new website. For some yogi wisdom, you can read Chris's portrait interview.


A studio date and a limited edition jewelry collection inspired by hand painted bonbons by Julie's Chocolatesand a capsule collection inspired by aerial performer Kylie Carrigan to celebrate her art form and the sense of flow, are amongs the most fun collaborations I've done.