Open your eyes to the world, see the visual poetry of the everyday.


Taking photos is a form of artistic practice that helps me discover new ways of relating to my surroundings. A creative expression that allows me to piece together the past and guides me into the future. My images are visual explorations of the spaces I encounter. I use Instagram to share my excitement, to help others see the beauty I see, and inspire them to find it in their own lives. 

If you or your team would like to join me in a series of creative exercises designed to get lost in the beauty that resides in the people, places and experiences you have every single day, send me a note.

Below you'll find a little sample of some of the places I've visited in the last few years. Some were one-time visits, others are locations I find myself coming back to. All hold a special place in my heart and my iPhone ;-)


You come to NY to be shaken out of your complacent provincial stupor. You come to NY to have all your senses equally assaulted with the beautiful and the grotesque.This is a city that inspires and repels. A city that invites you to binge on creative energy and embraces you to the point of exhaustion. A city that lifts your spirts to greater heights one minute, only to drop them down the gutter the next. A place where exquisite styles coexist with acrid smells. Let the city find your cracks and sip into your bones. Let it transform you.

LISBOA, Portugal

If you visit Lisbon and are not compelled to take one single picture of an azulejo, you are a probably a psychopath. If you remain unmoved by the pleasantness of its pastel color palette, you must not be of this Earth. This shoe busting city of poets, begs you not to rush. It makes you stop and pay attention to 5x5 squares of marvelous pattern and color. Lisbon dresses up its buildings in party gowns, always ready to flirt and enchant. the city's luminosity strips away all gloominess. Even on a rainy day, Lisbon manages to remain colorfully uplifting. 


An elegant and book loving city, this crown of Scotland is approachable and welcoming. While the city is distinguished and lively, its countryside is bucolic and meditative. The rolling hills, the clear lakes, and the domesticated ruminant mammals that inhabit these idyllic portraits, make for utterly painterly landscapes. The mist and the fog simply add to the magic. There is certain quality to the way these open spaces are arranged. Is as if Constable and Turner had styled the countryside. 


A city that embraces the ocean with open arms. A city whose life revolves around the tides. A city that both encourages and misses the ones that left by way of the sea. A city of jovial walkers, tapas eaters, wine drinkers and cafe goers with a sweet tooth. Relaxed and easy going, the chatty nature of the local folk always makes you feel at home.