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I have lived most of my professional life balancing what most people would describe as two competing identities - visual artist and business research consultant. I have never seen them as competing, but rather as complementary. 

It’s kind of curious how we tend to fall into the habit of thinking about business so differently 
than we do creativity. I’ve found that I tend to come at the business with the same heart and intuition as I do design or painting. Both take just as much courage and passion as they do knowledge and skill.

I am well versed in understanding and expressing the qualities of human experiences. Skilled at giving form to the feelings and perceptions that constitute our ways of thinking about the world and relating to each other. My strong arts and design background mixed with extensive consumer research and branding experience and a journalism degree, makes for a keen observer.

I am a visual artist and a natural-born researcher with a curious mind and more than 15 years of experience in strategic consumer research. With an uncanny ability to identify patterns and 
unearth insights, every project becomes an opportunity to bring creativity to every discipline and inspire others.

My experiences have allowed me to cultivate a unique cultural awareness and honed sense of curiosity. This breadth of vision and the ability to understand multiple influences, and how they can work together, help me see the realities of life and business in a different way. I look for beauty everywhere and beauty is everywhere. It just needs to be unveiled, told and shared.




I had been interested in photography and got a few cameras to experiment with years ago, but I’ve struggled to make sense of settings and stubbornly refused to read the manuals. It wasn't until I started using Instagram that my photography really evolved and became a medium to document my journey as a creator.

The ease of mobile photography and Instagram  lowered the barriers of the technical expertise required to create professional-looking images and allowed me to engage with photography in a different way. I was able to quickly iterate and try new ideas and experiment, rather than overthink a particular camera setting.

Working primarily with my phone gives me the kind of freedom and flexibility that helps my creative process. It allows me to follow my instinct and to practice more often.

Instagram gave me a whole new perspective on the world around me. Being exposed to some of the most talented creatives has expanded not only my horizons but has inspired me to look up, down, and to obsess about well-lit flavored lattes ;-)

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