I am a natural-born researcher with a curious mind and more than 15 years of experience in strategic consumer research. I have an uncanny ability to identify patterns and unearth insights, and a passion for putting it all together in a way that tells a story. 


When bringing people’s stories to life, I aim to convey both context and emotion, to help others connect and empathize in a more intimate manner. Sharing people’s stories is my way to celebrate the beauty of their humanity.


A visual arts and design background, mixed with a journalism degree and extensive consulting experience, makes me a keen observer of people and brands. I have a talent for understanding diverse influences, translating, and aligning multiple voices into cohesive and harmonious deliverables that advance understanding. 

I approach research and consulting with both a journalistic curiosity and an artistic sensibility. I specialize in creativity that inspires action. As a consultant, I have worked with clients across a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, packaged goods, insurance, and education. As an artist, I have collaborated with fashion designers, chocolatiers, photographers, painters, yogis, poets, and trapeze artists.


 At the creative intersection of disciplines is where you'll  find me.